What if a tale not a fiction but a real story sealed in the geometric puzzle with centuries of human knowledge?


Art inspired with music patterns

Music composition is made of layers forming unique patterns of different instruments moving with the rhythm. The process of the combination of two or more Art forms (ie. music, moving objects, light, paint, digital.etc.) in to one finished piece where they can take a part in being an inspirational tool or equally to the finished Art piece called: "Blended Art" and the finished piece is an "Artifact"
Fully structured mind combinations and hidden philosophy of self consciousness
Golden Proportions
0>1< 2 > 3 Mathematical patterns open the scenery of the universe
Art lab.
For the past ten years I have been passing through myself a wealth of knowledge and concepts, including quadrivium, psychology, philosophy, esotericism and the exact sciences. I have managed to adapt all this accumulated knowledge through my love of the art of geometric shapes and applied it to the expression of natural chemical processes in human life. Through experimentation I have seen how these manipulations influence our thoughts to form consistent patterns. Some works of art create a cultural heritage or social imprint in the context of time and evolution, like an emotional imprint. However, I have discovered the connection between geometry and neurons in our daily lives, and how they affect our consciousness, shaping our present and future.

I am currently developing a course that will calibrate the patterns of life cycle self-consistency to translate stress and chaotic thinking into a personal structure aware of its own values, which will also through collective consciousness be able to positively influence the course of an individual's evolution.

My course is the incipient science of the future, requiring many years of research. For the moment, more important than theory, which is beyond our understanding, we need time to see the results.

If you are interested in taking part in this experiment, you can contact me below. If you want to sponsor the project or support its development, click on the button below. For each supporter I have prepared a personal gift and an initiation into the hidden knowledge.

Thank you! E.L.

Thank you! I.L.