The story of Sealed Tales began long time ago, when I was 12 years old and my parents sent me to England to get the best education. At that time I was under the impression of the legends of the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin and King Arthur. All these stories were passed on by word of mouth, forming a circle of generations.

In general, the circle is where everything begins, my stories too. Everything starts with the round table. Well, I've opened up a bit of a veil. I have always been attracted by the world of mysteries and riddles, I love to solve riddles and solve puzzles, that's why I decided to create fairy tale seals with encrypted messages of fairy tales. Today everyone is in a race for digital solutions and encryption, but I went for an old and fundamental solution used by the traditions of many cultures and times - sacred geometry. Which will last for centuries as it lives in all symbols around us.

When I was a kid my grandmother used to tell me a lot of stories and fairy tales. Only as the years went by I began to understand the true purpose of fairy tales and created a fascinating concept that I hope will fascinate adults and their children.
"Tale stories are the best tool to pass on the knowledge of everything."
The Time

We learn to value our time and not to waste it in vain

In The Shadow Of Unknown

The unknown is something we fear and see no room for opportunity in the darkness, but as soon as the light enters the darkness, we receive the gifts to release our prejudice.


What goes around comes around

Self Portrait
An image of my inner beast
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Strings of Dark Matter
Everything in the ocean of the universe is interconnected, every drop has a purpose
Sixteen Fruits of VIRA
The flower that keeps the universe in balance. From the Sealed Tales.
The Harmony
The wedding of opposites for the sake of balance creates eternal harmony
Eternal Engine
This, an interesting seal. By the way, it grants wishes in the literal sense. I will surely tell you a story connected with this seal, it concerns the launch of anything.